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ŽIVKOVIC Aleksandar, PhD - Full Professor

Born in Belgrade , on 10 March 1954 where he finished elementary and high school. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1977. Got an MSc degree in 1982 (thesis "Annual Programming of Monetary Growth"). Got a PhD degree in 1993, (thesis "Analysis of Monetary Policy Efficiency in Yugoslavia ").

Teaching commitments : Monetary Economics, Banking and Payment Operations (undergraduate studies); Monetary Policy, Monetary Management, Financial and Banking Management, International Payment Operations (postgraduate studies). Monetary Economics and Banking (PhD Studies)

Research interests : monetary economics, banking, consulting activities.


1. Marketing in Banking Industry (co-author with P.Petrovic, Cigota stampa, Belgrade 2011)
2. Monetary Economics (co-author with G. Kozetinc), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2003.
3. Banking and Payment Operations (co-author), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2004.
4. The Basics of Financial Management (co-author), Cigoja stampa, Belgrade, 2004.
5. Financial Macroeconomics, (co-author with Zarko Ristic), Cigoja stampa, Belgrade, 1998.
6. Monetary Economics (co-author with S.Komazec), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1998
7. Monetary Management (co-author), Jantar, Belgrade, 1998.
8. Banking Management (co-author), Cigoja stampa, Belgrade, 1998.





office hours:

Wednesday 14-18




Monetary Economics;
Banking and Payment Operations

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