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ZECEVIC Bojan, PhD, Associate Professor

Born in 1964 in Begrade, where he has finished primary and high school. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade in 1988.  Got the MSc degree in 1994, and PhD in 2002. In 2012. he was promoted in Associate Professor. Professional and advanced training has conducted on some of major universities in Europe and USA in the field of tourism, and especially of modern tourism management: University of Sarry (Gilford, UK), Universitá Cá Foscari (Venice, Italy), Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Institute for Tourism and Leisure Studies (Vienna, Austria), Purdue University (Vest Lafajet, USA).

On the bachelor studies teaching commitments are on the subjects: Tourism Economics and Marketing in Tourism. On the master studies he has developed and runs Tourism Management module, and lectures Strategic Management of Tourism Enterprises and Strategic Management of Tourism Destinations.

He is an active member of scientific and professional organization from the field of tourism abroad and in a country. Besides significant enrolment in the educational and teaching aspects, he is also regular member of numerous scientific and research NICEF projects, various ministries and pubic institutions projects, as well as recognized business consultant. Since 2009, he is the President of the Board of the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia.


- Slobodan Unković and Bojan Zečević (2011) Tourism Economics, XXI addition, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade
- Goran Petković, Bojan Zečević and Renata Pindžo (2011) Tourism as the part of national economy, Economics of Enteprise, Year LIX, January - February, pg. 89-97
- Group of Authors (2009) Trade Development Strategy of Serbia, (redactor prof dr Stipe Lovreta), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Government of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Trade and Services, Belgrade
- Milan Čulić, Bojan Zecević and Igor Kovačević (2009) "The Congress Industry in Serbia as a Vehicle of
Future Economic Development", pg. 107 – 123, in Advances in Business Tourism Research - A selection of
papers presented at ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group Meetings. Conference Proceedings, Warshaw, Poland
- Bojan Zečević, Ana Aleksić (2009) Branding in post-internet era: A case of Best Western International, pg. 428- 437, in Hospitality and Tourism – Holistic Approach, Congress Proceedings, Hotelplan 2009, The
Fourth Biennial International Congress, Belgrade





Consultation time:

Monday 11.30-13.30




Tourism economics
management in tourism hotel industry
Marketing in tourism

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