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ZECEVIC Aleksandra PhD, Assistant Professor

Email: azecevic@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu

Place of birth: Belgrade
The year of birth: 1970


High school: 4th Belgrade Grammar school – mathematical course
High education: The Faculty of Economics, 1996

Master's thesis
The Faculty of Economics, 2001 – Master of Economic Sciences
Topic: “Modelling of data bases in business informational systems”

Doctor's thesis
Topic: “Analysis of data bases in electronic business”


- Demonstrator on the Tourist College in Belgrade in the period 1993/94;
- Leader of the Electronic computer centre in the period 1993/94;
- Teaching Assistant trainee at the Faculty of Economics since December 1996;
- Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Economics since April 2001.

Membership in organizations:

- Statistical society of Serbia

Engagement in teaching:

By subjects

- Business informatics
- Projecting of informational systems
- Managing informational systems
- Operational researches

Field of interest:

- Oracle, SQL Server, DB2
- Electronic business

1.Master's thesis: “Modelling of data bases in business informational systems”, Belgrade 2001
2. Presentation of the book: M. Kuhrt, J. Crnkovic, '' Introduction to computing – PC Productivity tools for the students'', Statistical review, Belgrade 1996
3. Presentation of the book: J. Impagliazzo, P. Nagik, ''Computer Science – A Breadth First Approach with C'' Statistical review, Belgrade 1996
4. Presentation of the book: R. Stankic, “Business informatics” Statistical review, Belgrade, 1998
5. “Future of Informational technology”, co-author, the article, collection “Quantitative methods in Economics”, the Faculty of Economy, Belgrade, 1997
6. Manual for School of computers, “Windows 98”, co-author, the Faculty of Economy, Belgrade, 1999
7. The expert article: “Advantages and disadvantages of models of data bases”, Statistical review, issue 1-2, Belgrade, 2002
8. The presentation of the book: Noel Jerke, ''Visual Basic Developer's guide to E-commerce with ASP and SQL Server'', Economic annals, Belgrade 2002
9. The presentation of the book: Gini Courter, Annette Marquis, ''Mastering Microsoft Project 2000'', Economic annals, Belgrade 2002
10. The expert article: “Microsoft's campaign of legalization of software”, Economic annals, Belgrade, 2002
11. Videoconference: University of Athens – University of Belgrade, Implementation of Open Distance Learning in Higher Education, 26th of November 2002
12. The expert article: “Characteristics of object-relational technology of managing systems of data bases”, Statistical review, issues 1-4, pages 90-96, Belgrade, 2003
13. The expert article: “Levels of electronic banking in Serbia ”, Statistical review, issues 1-4, pages 120-127, Belgrade , 2004



telephone number:


consultation time:

Monday 12-14 and Friday 13.30-15.30




Business informatics
Governing informational systems
Projecting of informational systems

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
Kamenicka 6, 11000 Belgrade
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