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ZARIC Siniša, PhD – Full Professor

Born in Skoplje in 1951. Finished elementary and high school in Belgrade . Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade in 1974. Got an MSc degree in 1978, a PhD degree in 1983.

Previous positions: teaching assistant trainee, "Kirilo Savic" Institute, teaching assistant trainee in Political Economy, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (1976-1980), teaching assistant in Marxian method of economic analysis (1980-1984), assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics (1976-1990), associate professor (1990- ).

Professional improvement and advanced training: International Hegel Society, Germany, Gramsci Institute, Bologna, Post-graduate centre John Hopkins, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London (1987 and 1988), Wolfson College in Oxford (1987) and Institute for social management, Sofia (1987).

Teaching commitments: Marxian method of economic analysis, Price theory and policy, Modern economic theories on socialism and Methods of economic analysis. Also taught at post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, as well as at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica.

Other professional activities: member of International Hegel Society, International editorial board of "Actuel Marx" in Paris, Technical Committee of UFI (International Association of Trade Fairs), member of UFI Marketing Committee. Also nominated as a Board of Directors member of UFI. Awarded as the best Yugoslav manager in 1994 (by the Yugoslav Council for Manager Development and Education), and the best manager in the Balkans (by the European Association for Management and Education).


1. "Theoretical-critical analysis of the new left economic ideas", PhD thesis, Belgrade , June 1983, Pp. 285.
2. "Methods of economic analysis", co-author with R. Anicic, V. Pilic-Rakic, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1997.
3. "Heterodoxy of economic theory - a characteristic of modern economic thought", Benian ekonomik, 1997, Pp. 105.
4. "Kritik der Entwicklung der Naturformen als neusserlichwirkliche Produktion ", 17th International Hegel Kongresses "Natur und Geist", West Berlin , 1988, Pp. 16.
5. "Ecology and the university of the future" (political-economic review) in collected papers of "University on the eve of 21st century", CMU, Belgrade , 1989, Pp. 15.





office hours:

Wednesday 8-10




Methods of economic analysis; Market and market institutions

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