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VELJKOVIC Sasa, MA, Teaching Assistant
Email: veljkos@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu


PhD studies: An approved topic and structure of the thesis. In the final phase of making of the Doctor's thesis: “Influence of consuming ethnocentrism on choice of product brand”

Master's thesis: 3rd December 2001, the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade,

the topic “Development of long-term relations with consumers”

(graduated from postgraduate studies: the major course of Marketing – the average mark of 10,00)

University education: 1997, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade. The winner of the awards of Markplan and the Faculty of Economics as the best student of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade on the major course of Marketing in the school year of 1996/97 (the average mark 9,49)

High school education: graduated from Economic high school, the major of Commercial technician in the Economic-commercial high school in Paracin. He was awarded with the diploma “Vuk Stefanovic-Karadzic” (the average mark 5,00)

Primary education: he finished his primary school “Radoje Domanovic” in Paracin in 1987. During his schooling he was awarded with the diploma “Vuk Stefanovic-Karadzic” (the average mark 5,00) and he won several awards in Mathematics and Physics, on municipal, regional and republic competitions.


The Faculty of Economics in Belgrade – He gives practice classes on undergraduate studies from the following subjects:

Marketing (II and III year of studies),

Behaviour of consumers (III and IV year of studies)

A Teaching Assistant (since the beginning of 2002 till present days)

The Faculty of Economics Belgrade, subjects of Marketing and Behaviour of consumers

The Teaching Assistant trainee (1998-2001)

The Faculty of Economics Belgrade, the subject of Marketing

He performed the function of a supervisor and a coordinator of the Marketing workshop of students of The Faculty of Economics.

He led students in winning several home and international awards (the choice and preparation of competitors, organization, mentor work);

The World competition IAAA: the client Visa (the winner on the world level in the category Choice and profiling of the target market segment)

State competition in marketing, November 2002, YUTAM, Novi Sad (the team Faculty of Economics and the winner of the competition)

The Competition in Marketing, Markplan and the Chamber of Economy, February 2004, (super-finalists) on Managerial and Economical Competition 2004 (out of five disciplines where they participated, three first and two second places were won)

A member of Department Heads (2002-2004);

Organization of events:

Organization of celebration of the Faculty Day 2002 (November-December)

Organization of celebration of the Faculty Day 2003 and ASECU conferences as a part of it (November 2003)

Organization of the Book Fair 2003 (October 2003)

Organization and realization of presentation of the Faculty of Economics on the Education Fair in Belgrade (April 2004)

With already mentioned events there was organization of several conferences, consultations and conferences for journalists (mostly during 2003).

A platform about education;



Press conferences.

Marketing campaigns:

The ideological author of a new marketing approach – The campaign for enrolling of the new generation of freshmen 2003 (February-May 2003);

The manager of the campaign for enrolment of the new generation of freshmen 2004 “Welcome to the Faculty of Economics 2004” (February-May 2004).

The rest:

Forming of the Centre for carrier development (participating on several occasions during 2003);

A member of a trinomial Central working group for construction of the plan of Business studies of the Faculty of Economics (spring 2004);

Creative solutions and ideas for various materials of the Faculty;

Presentation of the Faculty of Economics on various occasions, before all to high school pupils of a large number of schools in Belgrade and central Serbia.

Studies and researches:

The study: the Campaign “Welcome to the Faculty of Economics 2004”, presentation, researches, analyses, conclusions, recommendations, (made as a part of the macro project “Reforms in educational process on the Faculty of Economics”);

Research of attitude of candidates for enrolling on the undergraduate studies 2004 (the specimen of 848 people)

Research of attitudes


Specialized fields of marketing: Market research, Relationship marketing, Behaviour of consumers, Strategies of presentation on the market, Promotion, Marketing-generally, etc.

Management and strategic management



Beoguma, Belgrade, New business strategy of the company, (2004)

JANID doo, Belgrade, Analysis of economic efficiency of investment (2003)

Rodic MB, Kula, Strategy of development (2003) – a member of the team, in charge for the field of Market research, Analysis of the market position, Recommendations of development;

“Rajkovicki izvori”, Rajkovici – Mionica, Construction of the business plan, (2002/2003), marketing and general part of the business plan;

Delta bank, Belgrade- Research of the marketing of paying cards, (2002) Leader of the project;

Vital, Vrbas- Research of the market of edible oil and mayonnaise (2002), Deputy leader of the project;

Global campaign of mobile telephony, Research of the market of FRY and conditions for presentation in the field of mobile telephony (2002), member of the team;

Link TM, Belgrade – The distributor of Zlatopramen Check beer, Research of the market of beer and suggestion of the marketing strategy (2002), Deputy leader of the project;

Delta bank, Belgrade – Research of positions in the banking sector and elements of the marketing strategy (2002), Deputy leader of the project;

Ishrana produkt, Paracin – Construction of the marketing strategy of the company and the business plan (2002), marketing and general part of the business plan;

Riviera, Kotor – Expert consultant for fields of Marketing and management (2001-2003);

National Bank of Yugoslavia – Institute for making of banknotes and coins, Belgrade-Systematisation of working positions (2001-2002), member of the team and a coordinator;

Yu Media Ltd, Belgrade – Expert associate of the agency and the Head of the magazine YU&Marketing (2001);

National Bank of Yugoslavia – Institute for making of banknotes and coins, Belgrade-Organization and plan of development of the Institute for making of banknotes and coins, in market conditions (2001), member of the team in charge of the market development of Institute for making of banknotes and coins;

Medicina, TS, Zemun, -Expert associate from the field of marketing (2001);

Basketball club Red Star, Belgrade – Consultant from the field of marketing (1999-2000);

Spektar Co., Kruševac-Research and analysis of the market position of the company and the key brand on the market (washing powder), (2000), member of the team;

Trade company Šumadija, Paracin, Project of evaluation of value of capital and the Project of property transformation of the company (1999-2000), secretary and a member of the team.

*** Sintelon, Backa Palanka- Lecturer on various levels of medium and top management- Sintelon Business school (2001,2002);

Velefarm, Belgrade – cooperation on realization of the Business school of Velefarm (and participation through lectures, focus of the group, etc);

Courses on various levels to management of Kolinska, Ljubljana, Panfarma Belgrade, BIP Belgrade, Red Cross of Serbia, Electric company Belgrade, etc(2001-2003);

School of computers, The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, lecturer, Word with elements of Windows;

Teacher of Marketing on the Army-technical academy (2000-2002).

Manager of several unprofitable and humanitarian campaigns:

“Breathe life into Serbia ” (humanitarian action, direct marketing campaign) in cooperation with organizations and institutions: Serbian Orthodox Church, National Theatre Belgrade, Medicina TS Zemun,etc. Humanitarian action “Preserve Christmas trees” in cooperation with the Marketing workshop, Young researchers of Serbia, city (city of Belgrade) and republican authorities, for prevention of excessive cutting of Christmas trees during New Year holidays (2001-2002).

“The first and the right one”, humanitarian action in celebrating the Day of the Faculty of Economics in cooperation with the Red Cross and with assistance of Riviera Kotor: Humanitarian action for supplying of food and means as help for the Home for Persons challenged in development, at the Monastery of Saint Petka, in Izvor near Paracin (2002-2003).

Several actions for helping students at the Faculty of Economics (providing of literature, covering costs of competitions, etc).

Published scientific works in 2004:

Readiness Of The Managers In Serbia To Meet The Challenges Of The Globalization, S.Lovreta, G.Petkovic, S.Veljkovic, EIASM Conference On Cross-Cultural Management, Edinburgh, 24th-25thSeptember, 2004

Adapting of products and services as an element of development of long-term relations with consumers, S.Veljkovic, the magazine Nova trgovina (New trade), year. 52, issue 3-4, March-April 2004, pages 36-43


Privatization of companies, Palanacki Kiseljak AD, Serbia, a paper, co-author with B.Cerovic, G.Petkovic, S.Veljkovic, International conference-Fifth Slovenian Business Conference: How medium companies become large, Portorož, November 2003, published in the magazine: Prospects in S. Europe, published by the Institute for South-East Europe, Ljubljana, December 2003, (28 pages) and as a paragraph in monograph “Medium companies and their development edited by Janez Prašnikar, published by Finance, doo, Ljubljana, 2003, pages. 465-497, (incl. page519) ISBN961-90946-7-0

Market effects of transition of the trade sector, S. Lovreta, G. Petkovic, S.Veljkovic, Economic annals, year 47, thematic issue, April 2003, pages 91-106.

The level of development of the Internet and its application in performing business of domestic companies, S.Veljkovic, J. Stankovic, Economy of corporations, year 51, issue 1-2, 2003, pages 42-50.

Strategy and policy of trade of the Republic of Serbia, monograph, redactors S. Lovreta, G.Petkovic, publishers the Faculty of Economics of the University in Belgrade and the Government of the Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services, Belgrade 2003, ISBN> 86-403-0523-4, S.Veljkovic is the author of paragraphs: pages 34-52 and pages 342-348 2002.

State and perspectives of development of eco-marketing, S.Veljkovic, New trade, year 55, issue 3-4 2002, pages 17-25

The role of the system of quality in development of long-term relations with consumers, S.Veljkovic, magazine “Quality”, year 12, issue 1-2 2002, page

Presentation of “Dictionary of Marketing” (English-Serbian), redactor B. Maricic, published by Publishing company »Žarko Albulj«, Belgrade, 2002 S.Veljkovic, Economic annals year 44, issue151-152, 2001/2002, pages 139-143

Third operator or not? redactor B.Zecevic, authors: B.Zecevic, G.Petkovic, S.Veljkovic and the rest, Bulletin of G17 Institute, March 2002, pages 9-15

2001 and earlier

Creating of dialogues with consumers, S.Veljkovic, New trade, year 54, issue 9-10, 2001, page 53-60

Services for buyers as a strategic means in positioning of production goods, M.Gligorijevic, S.Veljkovic, the magazine Economic topics, year 39, issue 3, 2001, page 127-138

Creation of added value for consumers, S.Veljkovic, M.Gligorijevic, a paper published in the Collection of works from the National assembly “Development of marketing – new tendencies”, redactor Lj.Stankovic, Niš, November 2001

Dictionary of economic terms, the main redactor M. Jakšic, published by CID the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade December 2001 (S.Veljkovic the author, 84 entries from the field of Marketing and Direct marketing)

Building of long-term relations with customers, S.Veljkovic, Economic annals year 44, issue144, January-March 2000, pages 217-231

Presentation of the book: Behaviour of customers, fifth edition by the author B. Maricic, publisher Contemporary administration Belgrade, S.Veljkovic, year 52, magazine New trade, September-October 1999, pages 76-77



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consultation time:

Tuesday and Wednesday 10-12




Behaviour of consumers

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