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SOLDIC-ALEKSIC Jasna, PhD, Full Professor

Graduated at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics (GPA=9,81) where she got the MSc degree and the PhD degree (PhD thesis: Dynamic and information aspects of establishing and analysis of statistical structures).

Teaching commitments: Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, undergraduate studies, subjects – Data Analysis and Business Information Systems; master studies, IS for Decision Making, doctoral studies, subject –Methodology for Scientific Research.

Research interests: applied data analysis, statistical analysis and data mining applications in the field of business and economy.

Professional improvements and advanced training: The London School of Economics and Political Science; Limburg Business School, Belgium (TEMPUS programme); Faculty of Management Science and Information Systems, State University of New York; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Other professional activities - a member of:  International Statistical Institute –ISI, International Association for Statistical Computing – IASC,  Balkan Operational Research Society, Serbian Statistical Society, Scientific Association of Economists of Serbia.         


Some publications:

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  • Building the New E-learning Environment, University of AthensUniversity of Belgrade , Faculty of Economics, Implementation of Open Distance Learning in Higher Education, 26.11.2002. Belgrade .
  • Building the New E-learning Environment,  University of AthensUniversity of Belgrade , Faculty of Economics – The Centre of Excellence in Education ( Jordan ), Telecommunications Infrastructure of each Participating Country and Projects on Open Distance Learning , 28. 11. 2002.
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  • A neural network approach to market-classification problem: an empirical example, 5th International Conference of Decision Science Institute, Athens , 1999
  • Neural networks approach to time series modelling and forecasting", 4th Balkan Conference on Operational Research, Thessaloniki , October 1997







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Applied Data Analysis
Business Information Systems
Scientific Research Methodology

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