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SKARIC JOVANOVIC Kata, PhD, Full Professor

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1971.

Previous positions: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant, all professor positions

Has been a Full Professor since 1994.

Research interests: financial accounting, theory and analysis of balances, consolidated accounts, financial reporting in accordance with the international accounting standards.

Other professional activities: member of editorial board of the journal Racunovodstvo (Accounting).


1. Financial accounting, co-author with R. Radovanovic, textbook, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade .
2. Accounting 2, co-author, Serbian Association of Accountants and Auditors.
3. Different aspects of balancing, co-author with R. Radovanovic.





Consultation time:

Tuesday 10-12




Financial accounting
Balance theory and policy

Special balances

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