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SAVIC LJubodrag, PhD, Associate Professor
Email: ljubas@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu

Born in Tripkovo, near Cajetina, in 1955. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade in 1980. Got the MSc degree in 1985, and the PhD degree in 1992. Has been teaching at the Faculty of Economics since 1981. Married, three children.

Teaching commitments: Economics of industry. Gave lectures in Scientific and technological progress.

Research interests: Industrial policy.

Other professional activities: Manager of several projects on capital evaluation in the Centre for evaluation and auditing within NICEF - Scientific and research centre of the Faculty of Economics.

•  "Industrial policy", the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1993
•  "Economics of industry of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ", co-author, Kragujevac, 1996
•  "Economics of industry", the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1997
•  "Industrial management", co-author, the Faculty of Economics, Kragujevac, 2000

•  "Industrial policy in market conditions of business operations", Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), January March 1990
•  "Some aspects of product orientation and IP of Yugoslavian industry over the following period", Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), October December 1995
•  "Industrial policy of the European Union advantages and limitations", Ekonomska misao (Economic thought), No. 3-4, 1997
•  "Comparative analysis of the contributions of industry and agriculture to the process of stabilisation and growth", Collection of works concerning Economic policy between stabilisation and growth, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1997
•  "Industrial policy and the countries in transition", the paper presented at the international scientific gathering Problems and courses of development of economies in transition, Nis, Ekonomske teme (Economic issues) 2/1997, p. 10
•  "Transition failure to fulfil easily given promises or the necessity of paying the price of previous development", the paper presented at the gathering Transition and economic development short-term and long-term aspects, 1998, the Faculty of economics, Belgrade, p. 6
•  "Strategy of export expansion or one of possible ways of overcoming Yugoslavian crisis", the paper presented at the gathering Economic relations with foreign countries and the transition of Yugoslavian economy, Herceg Novi, 1998, Proceedings, Scientific Assiciation of Yugoslavian Economists, p. 9
•  "Concentration of Yugoslavian industry", Ekonomski anali (Economic annals) 142/1999, the Faculty of economics, Belgrade, p. 17
•  "Market structures in Yugoslavian industry", Industrija (Industry), 1/4, 2000, p. 21
•  "Strategy of import substitution or strategy of export expansion one of dilemmas of Yugoslavia industrialisation over the following period", the paper presented at the scientific gathering Economic-financial relations to the foreign countries the strategy of export increase, Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), special edition, Januar 2001, p. 9

•  The problem of dealing with surplus of the employees in 15 companies in Serbia;
•  The problem of ownership transformation in the company "Energomontaza", Belgrade, NICEF, the Head of the project, 1998;
•  The assets evaluation in the company "Partizanski put", Belgrade , 2000, NICEF, the Head of the project





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Economics of industry

Technological development and policy

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