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PRICA Ivana, MSc, Teaching Assistant

Born in Belgrade in 1967, where she finished elementary and high school. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1990.

Previous positions: Republic Agency for Valuation of Socially-Owned Capital (1992-1993), Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant Trainee (1993-1994), Teaching Assistant (1994- ).

Professional improvement and advanced training: London (1991-1992) and Luxembourg (1992).

Teaching commitments: practice sessions in Economic-mathematical methods and models and Mathematical economics. Also conducts practise sessions at Military Academy , Belgrade .


•  Review of M. Tourki, M. Backovic: Mathematical methods and models in economics, Ekonomski anali, No. 123, Vol. XXXIX, January-March 1995
•  "Labour markets in the conditions of asymmetrical information", Proceedings of SYMOPIS 94, Kotor, October 4-7, 1994
•  "The role of financial intermediaries in a transitional process towards market economy", co-author, paper presented at the symposium Economy in transition, Milocer, June 19-21, 1996
•  Practice book in Economic-mathematical methods and models, co-author with M. Tourki and M. Backovic, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1995





Consultation time:

Thursday 9-13




Economic-mathematical methods and models
Operational research

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