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PRASCEVIC Aleksandra, PhD, Full Professor

Born in Belgrade on May 2, 1973 . Graduated in January 1996. Got an MSc degree in June 1999 (MSc thesis: "New classical macroeconomics: contribution to macroeconomic theory").

Previous positions: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant Trainee (1996-1999), Teaching Assistant (1999- ).

Research interests: development of economic thought and macroeconomic analysis

Teaching commitments: practice sessions in Development and modern economic thought.


1. "The importance of time inconsistency for the formulation of economic policy", SYMOPIS, 1998
2. "The central bank independence and political cycles", SYMOPIS, 1999
3. "Political cycle theory in macroeconomics", Ekonomski anali, Vol. 142, 1999
4. "The development of independence and expectation concept in macroeconomic theory", Ekonomski anali, Vol. 145, 2000





Consultation time:

Wednesday 10-12




Development and modern economic thought Macroeconomic analysis

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
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