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PETROVIC Pavle, PhD, Full Professor

Born in 1947 in Belgrade , where he finished elementary and secondary school. Graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 1969. Got the MSc degree in 1973 (master thesis: Production functions and technical progress), and the PhD degree in 1979 (PhD thesis: Multisector models and their application to the analysis of Yugoslav economy).

Previous positions: Institute of industrial economics; Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant Trainee (1971-1972), Teaching Assistant (1972-1979), Assistant Professor (1979-1985), Associate Professor (1985-1991).

Elected Full Professor in 1991.

Professional improvement and advanced training: Manchester (1971/72), Cambridge (1984), Cornell University (1987), Princeton University (1988).

Teaching commitments: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, undergraduate studies, subjects Econometrics; postgraduate studies, Economic theory course, subjects - Applied econometrics, Econometrics and Price theory. As a teaching assistant also held practice sessions in Political economy. Taught at undergraduate and post-graduate studies of Addis Ababa University .

Other professional activities: a member of: the European Economic Association, the European Econometrics Society and the European Association for Comparative Economic Systems.

1. Balanced growth and prices, empirical research in the Yugoslav economy, Institute of Industrial Economics , Belgrade , 1979
2. An Introduction to Econometrics, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1982
3. Share capital in Yugoslavia , (co-editor with M. Simoneti), Economics Institute, Belgrade , 1990
4. Inflation in the Yugoslav economy: theory and econometric assessment, Economics Institute, Belgrade , 1991





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Wednesday 13-15




Macroeconomics of open economy

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