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PETKOVIC Mirjana, PhD, Full Professor

Born in G. Ljubovidja near Ljubovija, on 23 rd December 1948 . Finished elementary and high school in Sabac. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1970. Got the MSc degree in 1974, and the PhD degree in 1978. Married, has two sons (Igor and Vladimir).

Has been a Full Professor at the Faculty since 1992.

Teaching commitments: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, subject - Enterprise organisation; Military Academy, subject - Enterprise organisation; Megatrend Faculty of Applied Sciences, subject - Organisational behaviour; Megatrend Business College, subject Human resource management; Junior College for Sport Coaches, subject - Business management.

Research interests: enterprise organisation, organisational theory and organisational structure, organisational behaviour, organisational changes.

Other professional activities: manager of the postgraduate course in Enterprise organisation; co-author of several monographs and paper collections; took part in many projects as a consultant or project manager; a member of Federal Committee of Yugoslav Red Cross.

Publications (textbooks):

•  Business organisation, 10th edition, co-author, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2000
• Organisational behaviour, 2nd edition, co-author, Megatrend, Belgrade, 2000





Consultation time:

Monday 12-14




Enterprise organisation
Human resource management

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
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