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PETKOVIC Goran, PhD, Associate Professor
E-mail: pego@Eunet.rs

Born on 14 th April 1963 in Belgrade. Graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 1986 on the courses Foreign trade and Domestic trade. Got the MSc degree in 1989, and the PhD degree in 1994.

Research interests: retailing, wholesaling, distribution management.

Professional activities: a member of projects related to market research and formulating marketing strategies; a member of projects concerning organisation and organisational restructuring of enterprises; dealing with the issues of goods exchange stocks.

Currently, he is writing a book (as a co-author) relating to sales and sales management.


•  Trade company positioning, Cigoja štampa, Belgrade, 1995 (Pp. 305)
•  Models for decision-making in commerce, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1998 (2000)
•  Glossary of the Stock Exchange terms, co-author, Cigoja štampa, Belgrade, 1996
•  Commerce – theory and practice, co-author, Savremena administracija, Belgrade, 1998 (2000)
•  "Macroeconomic conditions in Yugoslavia", the lecture at Akadaemie für Rechfund Stevern, Vienna, 8 th March 2000





Consultation time:

Monday 12-14





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