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PEROVIC Jelena, PhD, Full Professor
Email: jperovic@beotel.rs

Dr. Jelena Perovic, full professor at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade . Lecturing: International Commercial Law (bachelor classes), International Commercial Contracts (master classes), EU Law (master classes), International Business Law (master classes).

President of the Commission for the International Sale of Goods of International Association of Lawyers (UIA), Paris.

Member of International Academy of Comparative Law, Paris.

Expert of the ITC Committee on International Commercial Model Contracts of UN/WTO/ITC, Geneva. Author of the ITC Model-contract for the International Commercial Sale of Goods.

National expert for distribution and commercial agency contracts at International Distribution and Commercial Agency Institute (IDI), Torino.

Scientific collaborator for Revue de Droit international et de Droit comparé, Bruylant, Brussels.
Editor of the section “International Commercial Contracts, Arbitration”of the legal journal Pravni zivot, Kopaonik School of Natural Law, Belgrade. Deputy editor of the Review for European Law, Belgrade.

Arbitrator in international commercial disputes (ICC and ad hoc international commercial arbitrations), arbitrator of the Permanent Court of Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, arbitrator of the Permanent Court of Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.
Professor Perovic has published the books:

  • International Commercial Law , Belgrade , 2013 (six editions)
  • Standard Clauses in International Commercial Contracts, Belgrade, 2012
  • Fundamental Breach of Contract - International Sale of Goods, Belgade, 2004
  • Commentary on the Law on Financial Leasing, Belgrade , 2003
  • Arbitration agreement – International Commercial Arbitration, Belgrade, 200
  • La convention d'arbitrage en droit commercial international , Belgrade, 2000.
Author of numerous articles and contributions in the fields of contract law, international commercial law and arbitration.





Consultation time:

Wednesday 15:30-17:30




International commercial law

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