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MLADENOVIC Zorica, PhD, Associate Professor
E-mail: zorima@eunet.yu

Zorica Mladenovic was born in Belgrade in 1965. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro in Podgorica in 1987 with average grade 9.94. She obtained MSc degree in 1991 and was awarded doctoral degree in 1994 at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics with the title of thesis "Cointegration and macroeconometric modelling".

She was an academic visitor at European University Institute in Florence (1991/1992 and 1999) and at Nuffield College of Oxford University in 2001 and 2004.

She teaches Econometrics and Time Series Analysis at undergraduate level and Econometrics of Financial Markets at International Graduate Course of Quantitative Finance (IMQF).

Her main research areas are: econometric analysis of time series and macroeconometric modelling.

She published some of her papers in leading international journals ( Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Economics, European Journal of Political Economy and Journal of Money, Credit and Banking ). She regularly presents her results at international conferences. She has refereed articles for the following journals: Journal of Macroeconomics, Yugoslav Journal of Operational Research, Zentralblatt fur Mathematik, Ekonomski anali and Statisticka revija.

Selected publications:

Textbooks (in Serbian)

Introduction to Econometrics , Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 2003 (with P. Petrovic), II edition.
Time Series Analysis: Examples from the Serbian Economy , Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 2005 (with A. Nojkovic).

Solved Problems in Econometrics , Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade , 2002, III edition.

Books (in Serbian):
Macroeconometric Modelling of the Serbian Economy: Theoretical Aspects and Empirical Results, CESMECON, Belgrade , 2005 (with M. Arsic, A. Nojkovic and P. Petrovic)
Macroeconometric Modelling Modern Methods , The Andrejevic Legacy, Belgrade , 1996.

Chapters in books:
"Dynamic Modelling of Export and Import", in Comparative Advantages and Strategy for Improving Serbian Trade (ed. Jovicic, M.), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 2002, 79 89, in Serbian.

"Econometric Analysis of Stability of Serbian and Montenegrin Foreign Trade Sectors", in Analysis of Foreign Trade Sectors In WTO Accession Process (ed. Jovicic, M.), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 2003 (two chapters), 23 46, in Serbian.

"The Granger Cointegration Theory", in The Nobel Prize Winners, 1990 2003 , (ed. Pelevic, B.), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 2004, 543-551, in Serbian.

"Real Exchange Rate Behavior in Transition Economies: The Case of Serbia", International Macroeconomics: Recent Developments (ed. Morales-Zumaquero, A.), Nova Science Publishers, New York , 2004, in preparation.

Current working papers:
"High Inflation, Hyperinflation and Explosive Roots. The Case of Yugoslavia", Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen , discussion paper 02-23, (with K. Juselius), submitted for publication, http://www.econ.ku.dk/wpa

"Inflation and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Belarus ", (with Z. Bogetic), submitted for publication.

"Can Forward-looking Behavior and Seigniorage Collection Explain Hyperinflation: Evidence from the Serbian Episode", (with P. Petrovic), to be presented at World Congress Econometric Society in London , august 2005.





Consultation time:

Tuesday 12-14




Time series analysis and multivariate analysis

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