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MITROVIC DJordje, MSc, Teaching Assistant
Email: djordjem@nightmail.com

Born on 26 September 1976 in Valjevo, where he finished secondary school in 1995. Graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 1999. In the same year, enrolled on postgraduate studies, course Macroeconomic analysis and Yugoslavian economy transformation.

Present position: Teaching assistant trainee at Belgrade Faculty of Economics, since March 2000.

Teaching commitments: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, first year of undergraduate studies, Practice sessions in Political economy.

Research interests: economic theory and analysis, macroeconomic phenomena, especially the process of globalisation and transition and their influence on macroeconomics.

Professional improvement and advanced training: successful attendance of the course " The Politics of Finance in Emerging Markets" at Central European University in Budapest , Hungary .

Received the Saskavin's scholarship for 2002, presented by Tokyo Foundation of Belgrade University.



  1. "Efficiency of private and state companies in mixed economy", Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), No. 144, 2000
  2. "The influence of technological changes on economic growth and development of the countries in transition", Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), No. 146, 2000
  3. "The development of institutions in countries in transition and globalisation process", Ekonomske teme, No. 1 2, 2001, Nis
  4. "Relation between ownership transformation and restructuring in the countries in transition", co-author, No. 1 2, 2002, Nis
  5. "Evolution of theoretical views on the idea of globalisation", Teme, No. 4, October December 2002, Nis
  6. "Neoclassical, neo-institutional and evolutional theoretical approach to the transition process comparative review", in I. Rosic (ed.), Institutional changes as a determinant of economic development in Serbia (in Serbian), 2003, Kragujevac
"Development problems of the countries in the conditions of new economy", Ekonomske teme, No. 2, 2003, Nis





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Tuesday 10-12
Friday 10-12




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