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MILOVANOVIC Milic, PhD, Full Professor

Born in Belgrade , in 1953 where he finished elementary and grammar school. Graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 1975. Got the MSc degree in 1979, and the PhD degree in 1982 (thesis: "The Austrian theory of capital").

Previous positions: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant.

Present position:Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade since 1995.

Research interests: microeconomics, privatisation issues in transition economies. Particularly interested in proprietary rights analysis in theories of public choice and new institutional economics. Also deals with the problems of sector regulation in industrial organization theory.

Other professional activities: Used to be the member of the American Economic Association and the Royal Economic Society until 1992.

1. "The inefficiency of self-managed firms", Naucna knjiga, Belgrade , 1990
2. "Capital and past labour", Savremena administracija, Belgrade , 1986
3. "Price theory" (co-author with S. Babic), The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1990
4. "Price theory - examples and exercises" (co-author with S. Babic), The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1992





Consultation time:

Friday 12-14




Price theory
Microeconomic analysis

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