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MILJKOVIC Dejan, PhD, Assistant Professor


E-mail: deusmm@ptt.yu

What do you want to know?

My biography?

Born on 9 th July 1971 in Zrenjanin. Got the MSc and PhD degree at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade . Since 2004 gives lectures and conducts practice sessions in International finance, as a Assistant Professor . Before the present employment worked for the Institute of Economic Sciences and National Bank of Serbia .

Short? OK, Let's move on.

The research interest comprises a cocktail of economic areas, which, when it is drunk, creates a pleasant feeling of economic system functioning in today's world of globalisation and financial integration. The cocktail consists of the following ingredients: monetary policy, fiscal policy, foreign exchange rate policy, economic development, payment balance, and financial markets. Of course, in order to make it a high-quality cocktail, it must be prepared in a special shaker – econometrics.

Something personal? To say something about going out and favourite company?

Goes out almost every day, and the favourite places are: the web site of International Monetary Fund - www.imf.org , the site of European Central Bank – www.ecb.int , National Bureau of Economic Research – www.nber.org , the site of World Bank – www.worldbank.org , the site of National Bank of Serbia – www.nbs.yu , the site of the Ministry of finance and economics – www.mfin.sr.gov.yu . Likes to go out and almost always stays out late. Favourite company: Rudi Dornbusch, Paul Krugman, Mauricie Obstfeld, Stenley Fischer, Olivier Blanchard, Joseph Stiglitz…





Consultation time:

Wednesday 14-16 and Friday 12-14





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