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MARICIC Branko, PhD Full Professor

Teaches Marketing, Consumer behaviour and Public relations (2003/2004 and 2004/2005).

Member of the Scientific Society of Economists; expert in the field of marketing, consumer behaviour, market behaviour and prices. Vice-president of the Executive Council of The Balkans Consumer Centre (BCC) located in Thessalonica; member of the editorial board of Plasman i trziste and Nova trgovina.

Marketing consultant for "Hemofarm" concern in Vrsac.

Born in Banja Luka in 1947. Finished elementary and The Third High School in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1970. Got an MSc in 1973, a PhD degree at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, in 1977.

Previous positions : Institute for market research, Belgrade (1970-1976), adviser of the SFRY Presidency (1981-1989), undersecretary of the Federal Government (1989), Deputy Federal Minister of Trade (1989-1992), Federal Minister of Trade of the first Government of the FRY (1992-1993). Special adviser and director of the Management Consulting Sector of "Mark plan", Pancevo (1993-1995); marketing consultant in "Pekabeta" (1996-1999) and Scientific Institute for Cattle Breeding, Belgrade-Zemun (1995-2001); vice-president of the Yugoslav Marketing Association (1993-2002); member of the editorial board of Marketing (1992-1998).

Previous positions at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade : teaching assistant, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (1973-1978), assistant professor (1978-1984), associate professor (1984-1991), professor at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (1991- ). Head of the Chair for Business Economics and Management (2002-2004); President of the postgraduate studies Commission (2002-2004); member of the Faculty Board.

Took part in numerous domestic and international conferences and meetings in the field of marketing.
Professional improvement and advanced training: Middlesex Polytechnic University , London (1992) (the EU TEMPUS programme). In 1993/1994 was awarded the Markplan foundation charter for the textbook in Consumer Behaviour.

Currently teaching Consumer research in marketing, Consumer research in tourist trade and Strategic marketing (post-graduate studies). Manager of the MSc course Marketing management and a specialist course Public Relations). Also teaches Marketing II at a joint MSc course in Business economics by HEC, Paris and the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade.

Was a visiting professor at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica , Faculty of Management and Faculty of business studies of Megatrend University, the Faculty of Management of BK University, the Faculty of Industrial Management in Krusevac and Military Technical Academy in Belgrade.

1. Information on market conditions in business policy, Savremena administracija and ZIT - Centre for Research of Market Conditions (1979), Belgrade .
2. Co-author: Marketing management (1982), Savremena administracija, Belgrade .
3. Co-author: Basic Marketing (2007), 3rd edition, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade.
4. Consumer Behavior (2008), 8 th edition, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade.





office hours:

Tuesday 11-13 and Thursday 18-19




Consumer behaviour

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