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MANIC Slavica, PhD, Assistant Professor

Born in Valjevo in 1966, where she finished elementary and high school. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1988, got the MSc degree in 1993 and the PhD degree in 1997.

Professional improvement and advanced training: Belgium , through the TEMPUS programme (spring 1992).

Speaks English and Russian.

Teaching commitments: lectures and practice sessions in Political economy.

Research interests: phenomena in the area of economic theory, but also its practical application to modern market economy systems (in recent years, it refers to the problems of economic democracy and industrial policy in developed countries in transition).


1. Profit and its functions in the modern economy, the PhD thesis, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1997
2. The essence and importance of entrepreneurship in the modern economy, the MSc thesis, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1993
3. "Forms and mechanisms of profit sharing", Proceedings of Economic theory in transition, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1997
4. "Practical scope of employee's participation in results", Smisao, Vol. 3, 1998
5. "Banking system restructuring", Conference of economists, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , November 1999





Consultation time:

Wednesday 9-11




Political economy

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
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