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MANDAL Šahin, PhD – Associate Professor

Born in Priboj in 1947 where he finished elementary and secondary school. Graduated and obtained an MSc and a PhD degree from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University . Got an MSc degree from Scuola internazionale di scienze turistiche in Rome , Italy .

Previous positions: Institute of Industrial Economics, Institute of Belgrade Development Planning, Economic Institute, as a UN-FAO expert. Currently teaching at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University , as an associate professor. Also teaches at the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad .
Professional improvement and advanced training :
Arthur Andersen (JUCOR – UNIDO) § Corporate planning Seminar (1979);
Sussex University - Science Policy § Research Unit (1979);
OECD, Paris (1982); §
London School of Economics § and Political Sciences (1988);
UN – WTO, Roma (1991/1992). §

1. Technological Development and Scientific-Technological Policy – textbook, 1999.
2. Economics of Energy (textbook) – co-author, 2003.
3. Technological Development and Policy – textbook, 2004.
4. IR Management and Technology Transfer – textbook, 2004.
5. Dictionary of Economics – author of entries, 2002.
6. Encyclopedia of Economics - author of entries, 1986.
7. Lexicon of Economics – author of entries, 1975.

Author of about 40 papers published in professional journals and proceedings. Manager of a number of scientific projects and studies at the Institute of Economics as the director of the Centre of Company Valuation and Privatisation and assistant director of the Scientific-Research Centre of the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade. Member of the Scientific Society of Yugoslav Economists.





office hours:

Tuesday 11 - 13




Economics of Energy;
Economics of Industry;
Technological Development and Policy

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
Kamenicka 6, 11000 Belgrade
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