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LUKIC Radojko, PhD, Full Professor

Born in Doljani near Krusevac, in 1954. Finished secondary school in Krusevac. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, in 1976, where he got the MSc degree in 1980, and the PhD degree in 1986.

Previous positions: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant Trainee (1977-1981), Teaching Assistant (1981-1988), Assistant Professor (1988-1997), Associate Professor (1997- ).

Professional improvement and advanced training: London (1988).

Teaching commitments: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, undergraduate studies, subjects –Trade enterprise accounting and Banking accounting. Also held practice sessions in Cost accounting and analysis at departments of the Faculty of Economics in Uzice and Sabac.

1. Operating cost accounting and analysis - theory, methodology, application, Savremena administracija, Beograd, 1990
2. Securities, Savremena administracija, Belgrade, 1995
3. Trade enterprise accounting through examples, Savremena administracija, Belgrade, 1995
4. Trade enterprise accounting management, Savremena administracija, Belgrade, 1996
5. Banking accounting, Savremena administracija, Belgrade, 1997





Consultation time:

Tuesday 10 -12




Banking accounting
Trade enterprise accounting

Special accounting

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