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KOZOMARA Jelena, PhD, Full Professor
E-mail: elen@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu

Born in Zemun in 1957, where she finished elementary school. Finished High School of Mathematics in Belgrade . Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1980. Got the MSc degree in 1989, and the PhD degree in 1993.

Previous positions: Federal Board for the Circulation and Reserves of the Goods with Special Purpose (1981-1990); Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant Trainee (1990-1991), Teaching Assistant (1991-1993), Assistant Professor (1993-1998), Associate Professor (1998-).

Teaching commitments: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, undergraduate studies, subjects - Organisation and business operations in foreign trade (old curriculum), Foreign trade operations (the third year of studies, course Trade; the fourth year, course International economy and foreign trade); used to teach at postgraduate studies, courses Economic development and International economics, subject Foreign trade and economic development. Currently, on the same courses, she teaches the subject World trading system, while on the course International management and marketing she is involved in teaching the subject International marketing. At the Faculty of Economics in Srpsko Sarajevo and Banja Luka , within undergraduate studies, she is an instructor in Foreign trade operations.

Her published work deals with issues of Yugoslavian foreign trade, as well as with the modern tendencies in foreign trade.


  1. Technological competitiveness, monograph, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1994
  2. International economic relations, textbook, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 1995, co-author, p. 444-460 and p. 547-564.
  3. International Business, Export and Import of Goods, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1998
  4. "The Competitiveness of Yugoslavian agricultural and food products on the European Community Market", Pp. 14, Proceedings of 7th EAAE Congress, September 1996, Edinburgh, Great Britain
  5. Export Subsidies Used in Yugoslav Export Practice project of Yugoslav National Bank, Belgrade 1999
Foreign Trade Operations, textbook, Ars Libri, Belgrade, 2001





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Foreign trade operations

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