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KNEZEVIC Vladan, MSc, Teaching Assistant
E-mail: vknez@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu

Born in Uzice in 1965. Finished elementary school in Ljubis and high school of economics in Uzice. Graduated and got the MSc degree from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade.

Awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for the best diploma paper.

Previous positions: First High School of Economics, Belgrade, teacher of accounting; Belgrade Faculty of Economics, Teaching Assistant Trainee until 2000.

Has been working as a Teaching Assistant since 2000.

Teaching commitments: practice sessions in Cost accounting, Financial accounting and Managerial accounting (till 2002).

Other professional activities: participation in projects relating to accounting, cost accounting and capital evaluation. During 2002 and 2003, he was involved in work on the projects concerning application of international accounting standards in enterprises, banks and non-profit organisations.


He is the author of papers and articles in the field of managerial accounting and cost accounting:

•  ABC as a response to contemporary challenges of overheads, MSc thesis, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2000
•  "Working capital fund as an instrument of strategic planning", Proceedings of Auditing and accounting as instruments of company management, Zlatibor, 2000
•  "Methodology of overheads allocation", Proceedings of 34th Symposium of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia, The Association of Serbian Accountants and Auditors, Zlatibor, 2003
•  Dictionary of economics 31 entries in the field of cost accounting, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2001





Consultation time:

Wednesday 10-14




Managerial accounting
Cost accounting systems

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