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JOVICIC Milena, PhD - Full Professor
E-mail: mjovicic@Eunet.yu

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade as the best student of her generation; got an MSc degree at the University of Michigan , Ann Arbor , USA , and a PhD degree at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1977. She has been teaching at the Faculty of Economics since 1973, as a professor since 1989. Also taught at other faculties in Belgrade , Sarajevo , Zagreb and Podgorica. Manager of the post-graduate course in Econometrics. President of the Postdoctoral Commission of the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, member of the Belgrade University Council for social sciences. Was the head of the Chair, president of the Faculty of Economics Board and a member of the University Council.

Professional improvement and advanced training: London School of Economics (1979).

Research interests: econometrics (she made up a syllabus and wrote the textbook for that subject), statistics, microeconomic analysis, economic policy. She was employed as a researcher at the Institute for economic sciences for several years.

Took part in and managed about 20 research projects. During the period 1994-2000 was one of the authors of monthly analyses of the current economic policy at the editorial board of MAP. During the period 2002-2004 she worked as an economic consultant in SCEPP (Policy and Legal Advice Centre), a European Agency for Reconstruction project. Published about 20 books and monographs and more than 100 articles in domestic and international journals. Took part in a large number of domestic and international conferences. Member of the editorial board of: Economic Analysis, Economic and Business Review, Ekonomski anali. Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences, full member of the Scientific Society of Economists and a member of the Presidency of the Scientific Society of Economists, member of the International Association for Economics of Participation and European Association for Comparative Economic Studies

Recent references:

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4. Economic Aspects of Tariff Policy Reform in Light of the World Trade Organisation Accession (editor), SCEPP, Beograd, 2004, http://www.plac- yu.org/DownLoads/2.7.7EconomicAspectsOfCustomsPolicyReform.pdf
5. Analysis of the EU Accession Effects a sectoral approach field research; Expert reports (editor), NICEF, Belgrade, 2003.
6. Analysis of foreign trade sector sensitivity to changes in WTO accession regime (editor), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, June 2003.
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9. The Measurement of comparative advantages and strategies for the improvement of Serbian foreign trade (editor), Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, 2002.
10. Methodological Framework for Impact Assessment of EU accession Process for Yugoslavia, SCEPP Belgrade, 2003, http://www.plac yu.org/ DownLoads/1.1.FrameworkForImpactAssessment.pdf
11. Comparative Advantages and Foreign Trade Gravitation of Federal Republic Yugoslavia, (coauthor), in: The Balkan Observatory, WIIW, Vienna, 2002
12. FRY: Trade potentials and comparative advantages, (coauthor), The WIIW Balkan Observatory 2001, http://www.wiiw.ac.at/balkan





office hours:

Tuesday 12-14




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