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IVANIŠEVIC Milorad, PhD – Full Professor

Born in Rudopolje, Otocac, on 30 December 1947. Finished secondary school of economics in Sombor in 1966. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade in 1971. Got an MSc degree from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade in 1977. Got a PhD degree in 1986 (thesis: "Financial structure and costs of company financing - a comparative analysis.")

Teaching commitments: Teaches at The Faculty of Economics and the Military Academy in Belgrade (undergraduate studies). Also teaches at postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade , Nis , Banja Luka , Pristina, and Spsko Sarajevo. Head of the Chair for accounting and business finance.

Other professional activities: President of the Governing Council of the Belgrade Stock Exchange. Was a member of the Governing Council of the National Bank of Serbia . Member of the Scientific Society of Serbian Economists. Member of the editorial board of "Racunovodstvo" and "Revizija".

Research interests: Corporate finance (investing and financing).

* Business finance, university textbook, co-author with Krasulja D., VI edition, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2004.
* Business finance, textbook for IV grade of Secondary school of Economics, co-author, III edition, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, 2004.
* »Futures as derivatives and the possibilities of their implementation in our country«, VIII Symposium SRR R.Srpska, Teslic, 2004.
* »Issuing and trading of options to ordinary shares«, Revizor , 4/2000.
* Share capital in Yugoslavia , co-author, Economics Institute, Belgrade , 1990.





office hours:

Wednesday 13 – 15




Business finance;
Corporate restructuring;
Company financial restructuring

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