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KOVACEVIC Igor, MSc Teaching Assistant

Born in 1984, in Belgrade. After the high school, he entered Faculty of Economics in 2003 and finished it in 2007, as one of the best students on the module Tourism and Hospitality Management. Just after, he started his MsC on the same faculty, where he successfully past his thesis “Positioning of Serbia as a meeting destination on international market” in 2009. Currently, he is a PhD candidate. 

Appointed a role of Teaching Assistant, he lectures in the area of Business Economy and Management: Marketing in Tourism, Management of Tourism Enterprises, and in the area of Economics Policy and Development: Tourism Economics.  

Academic and professional interests are focused on the area of tourism marketing and management, including: Marketing in Tourism, Destination Branding, Bidding Process, Congress Ambassadors, Project Management, CRM, Event Management, Protocol, Strategic Management, Tourism Routes Development, DMOs, DMCs.  Main tourism field of interest is the meeting industry (usually known as MICE).





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