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GLIGORIJEVIC Mirjana, PhD, Assistant Professor
E-mail: mirag@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu

Born in Belgrade in 1965, where she finished elementary and secondary school. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 1988. Got the MSc degree in 1993, and the PhD degree in 2000.

Previous positions: Teaching Assistant Trainee (1989-1993), teaching assistant (1993-2000).

Has been a Assistant Professor in Marketing since 2000.

Research interests: marketing, industrial marketing and consumer behaviour.

1. "Franchising in Yugoslavia: A Macro-marketing Approach", co-author with V. Kandic, Restructuring the Firm, Eds. W. K. Holstein, M. Milisavljevic, Belgrade, 1991, p. 111-125.
2. Consumer behaviour - implications on marketing strategies, MSc thesis, The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1993, Pp. 183.
3. "Positioning management in industrial marketing", in B. Maricic, G. Petkovic: "Challenges of management and marketing in the global environment, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 1998, p. 299-304.
4. Product positioning in industrial marketing, PhD thesis, The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , 2000, Pp. 378.
5. "Characteristics of industrial marketing", Ekonomski anali, Vol. 143, Pp. 18.





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Tuesday 12-14




Industrial marketing

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