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FILIPOVIC Milorad, PhD, Assistant Professor
Email: miloradf@eunet.yu

Born in Belgrade , on 1 st July 1959 . Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade , in 1981, on Theory and policy of economic development, General economics group. Got the MSc degree in 1984, and the PhD degree in 1988. (Advisor-professor Radmila Stojanovic).

Research interests: theory and policy of economic growth with a particular emphasis on the influence of natural resources on economic growth. The leading expert in the field of environmental economics environment protection and development, since 1988 to the present.

Professional improvement and advanced training: Oxford , St Anthony College in 1988; Amsterdam , Institute for Environmental Studies in 1991.

Other professional activities: Regular representative in UN ECE for FR Yugoslavia, as well as in OECD since 1989, i.e. 1990, for the issues of economic aspects of environment protection; Director of Federal Bureau for Development and Economic Policy since 1997

Published over 50 papers, 2 monographs, and took part in over 100 research projects at the Economics Institute.






Monday 12-14




Theory and planning of economic development Technological development and policy

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