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NIKOLA Fabris, PhD, Assistant Professor

Born in Belgrade on March 21, 1971. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, in 1994. Got the MSc degree in June 1998 (MSc thesis: New Keynesians - theory and policy). Obtained the PhD degree in 2002, with the thesis "Development of economic thought on economic policy".

Research interests: macroeconomics, economic policy and history of economic thought.

Teaching commitments: Belgrade Faculty of Economics, subjects Development and modern economic thought and Theory and analysis of economic policy


•  "Will the rules of the WTO broaden the gap between the most and least developed countries", 12th World Congress of IEA, Buenos Aires, 1999
•  "Hysteresis effect in economic theory and practice", co-author with B. Dimitrijevic, Ekonomski anali Vol. 143, 2000
•  "Possibilities of applying Lafer's curve in economic policy of FRY", Conference of Yugoslav economists, 2001
•  "Platon's contribution to the development of economic thought", Ekonomski anali, No 151-2, 2002
•  One Decade of Transition: Lessons and Recommendations, IRF South East Europe Congress, Belgrade, 2002
•  "Challenges of economic policy for 2003", co-author with J. Galic, Conference of Scientific Association of Yugoslav Economist, Belgrade, 2002
•  "Harmonisation of FRY financial system", co-author with J. Galic, Conference of Yugoslav economists, Palic, 2002
•  "Possibilities of synthesis of alternative macroeconomic concepts", Ekonomski anali, September 2002 June 2003
•  "Mercantile concept of interventionism", Ekonomska misao, 2003
"Improving a Business Environment in the Process of Transition of Serbia", co-author with J. Galic, 2 nd ASECU conference, Belgrade, 2003





Consultation time:

Wednesday 10-12




Development and modern economic thought
Theory and analysis of economic policy

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