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DRAGUTINOVIC – MITROVIC Radmila, MSc, Teaching Assistant
Email: vukasinm@drenik.net
Radmila Dragutinovic Mitrovic – PhD Assistant Professor 

Radmila Dragutinovic Mitrovic was born in Uzice, on November 15, 1969. She graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 1993, on Economic statistics and informatics course, with an average grade 9.38. She earned the MSc degree within Econometrics course in January 2000, with the master thesis concerning panel econometrics. Her M.A. thesis titled "Models for pooling cross-section and time series: Analysis of changes in the structure of family budgets" was praised as one of the best in the observed period and published as a book. She obtained doctoral degree in February 2005 at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics with the title of thesis: “Econometric modeling of foreign trade gravitation by panel data methodology”.

She was employed as a researcher at the Centre for Economic Studies CES MECON in the period of 1994-1996. She has been teaching Basics of statistical analysis at undergraduate level at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade since 1996.

She also taught Basics of statistical analysis at the Department of the Faculty of Economics-Belgrade in Vukovar in 1996/97.

Now, she is assistant professor at the subject Basics of statistical analysis at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics. Her main research areas are statistics and econometric analysis of panel data.

In 2001 she was an academic visitor at the Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences, Department of Econometrics, Geneva .

She has taken part at domestic and international conferences, as well as in several international research projects , for instance, in 2001, 2002, and 2005 in projects of t he Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies-WIIW and GDN. She is a member of the Serbian Statistical Society and the Scientific Society of Economists. 

Present position : Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade ;

Awards: 2001- the best-work prize for her master thesis, on the Foundation "Andrejevic" competition when it was proposed for publishing; 2004 - a prize from the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia for exceptional results achieved in scientific research in 2002/2003.

Recent references:

Monographs and books

•  The analysis of panel data series, monograph, Foundation Andrejevic, Belgrade , 2002 (author).

•  "FRY: Trade Potentials and Comparative Advantages" in International and Regional Economic Integration in South East Europe , The WIIW Balkan Observatory , The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) , 2001, co author with Jovi cic M. and Zdravkovic M.

•  The Measurement of Comparative Advantages and Strategies for the Improvement of Serbian Foreign Trade , Belgrade , Faculty of Economics, 2002, editor: Jovicic M (coauthor) .

•  Analysis of Foreign Trade Sector Sensitivity to Changes in WTO Accession Regime, Faculty of Economics and PLAC-EU, Belgrade, 2003, editor: Jovicic M. ( coauthor).

•  Methods of statistical analysis, Practice book with key, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade 2005 (coauthor with O. Boškovic, D. Pavlicic and M. Lovric).

Conference papers and journal articles:

•  Estimating of Yugoslav Foreign Trade Potentials Based on Panel Data – the Gravity Model Approach", paper for the International Conference: Statistics as a Base for Creation of the Economic Policy and Economic Development in South-Eastern Europe, Skopje, Macedonia, 2001 (author).

•  Comparative Advantages and Foreign Trade Gravitation of the Federal Republic Yugoslavia , WIIW, Vienna , 2002. (coauthor with Jovicic M. and M. Zdravkovic).

•  Cost of Doing Business in Serbia , G17 Institute and CIPE, Study No 2, 2002, editor: Petkovi c G. ( c oauthor).

•  Business Costs in Serbia - Some Differences between Small and Large Enterprices, Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), special issue, 2002, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, (coauthor with Petkovic G. and K. Ognjenovic).

•  Gravity Error Components Model: Analysis of Yugoslav Foreign Trade by One Digit SITC, Yugoslav Symposium of Operacional Researches , SYMOPIS XXIX , 2002 (author).

•  Privatisation Process in Serbia and Participation of Managers in Ownership Change, Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), special issue, April 2003, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (coauthor with Jovicic M.).

•  The Econometric Stability Analysis of Foreign Trade Division of Serbia and Montenegro, SYMOPIS XXX, 2003 (coauthor with Mladenovic Z.).

•  Some Limitations of the Gravity Model in Econometric Analysis of Foreign Trade Potentials , Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), No 166, July-September 2005, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (author).

•  The Aims and Effect of Privatization in Serbia : Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses, paper for the EACES conference (European Association for Comparative Economic Studies) “Privatisation in Serbia : experience and lessons from other transition countries”, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , September 2005 (author).

•  Practical Problems in Panel Data Model Estimation with Time Invariant Variables, SYMOPIS XXXII , 2005 (author).

•  Autocorrelation in the error components model , SYMOPIS XXXII , 2005 (author).






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Basics of statistical analysis
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