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DJOKOVIC Emilija, Teaching Assistant Trainee

Emilija Đokovic was born on 21st of April 1977 in Užice. In the school year 1996/97 she enrolled at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade , where she graduated in October 2000 with the average mark of 9,97 when she was proclaimed the student of the generation. the same year she enrolled in postgraduate studies on the Department of Regional geography in Belgrade.

During her studies she was awarded with several scholarships:

- The Ministry of Education and Sport of the Republic of Serbia;

- Scholarships for the scientific youth of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia.

At the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade she is engaged in giving practical classes from the subject of Economic geography, Economic geography of the world and Organization and protection of space in tourism, and her smaller field of interest is the issue of problems of location of economic activities, the spatial aspect of activity of the tertiary sector, relation of trade and urbanization.

She participated in a certain number of projects at the Faculties of Economy and Geography, and for the purposes of specialized training she spent time at Georg-Eckert Institute in Braunsveig ( Germany ) in 2004.

She published a certain number of works from the field of regional and economic geography, as well as two books: - Regional economic geography and – Europe (co-authored with R. Šecibovic PhD), the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade 2002

Economic geography of the world – manual, (co-authored with R. Šecibovic PhD), the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade 2003.



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