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DABIC LJubiša, PhD - associate professor

  E-mail: sdvtkvic@EUnet.yu

Born in Gnjilane (Kosovo and Metohija) in 1953. Finished elementary and secondary school in Gnjilane. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Belgrade University , in 1976. Got an MSc degree from the same faculty in 1980. Got a PhD degree in 1988.
During the period 1979 – 2003 worked at the Institute for Comparative Law in Belgrade , where he obtained all research titles (from assistant professor to scientific consultant).

Started teaching at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , in 2002 (subjects International Commercial Law and Commercial Law). Currently teaching Commercial Law as an associate professor.

His field of interests include commercial and international commercial law. Special interests include small and medium-sized businesses, public enterprises and their ownership, legal, organisational and management transformation; bankruptcy and liquidation of socially-owned firms; joint ventures, international concessions and other forms of foreign investments; contracts in international business practice; public acquisitions, protection and improvement of environment from the point of view of domestic and international law (bilateral and multilateral conventions) and European environmental law, etc.

Member of domestic and foreign professional associations: Association for International Law of Serbia and Montenegro, Association of Jurists of Serbia and Montenegro, Association of Jurists in Commerce of Serbia and Montenegro, International Council of Environmental Law.

1. Joint Ventures in Yugoslavia – A Comparative Analysis of Legislation in Socialist Countries, Belgrade, 1998.
2. Conditions for Commodity and Service Exchange in the EU and Yugoslav Legislation, Belgrade, 2001(a separate part)
3. Concessions in the Central and Eastern European Countries' Legislation, Belgrade, 2002.
4. Public Acquisitions in Comparative Legislations, Belgrade, 2002 (a separate part).





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