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CVETKOVIC Vladislav, MSc, Teaching Assistant

Mr Cvetkovic was born in 1969 in Leskovac, Serbia. He is a teaching asisstant at the Department of Accounting and Finance, lecturing Auditing and International accounting. He is also the Lead Bank Privatization Advisor with Deposit Insurance Agency, institution responsible for privatizations of financial sector institutions in Serbia.

He has had a significant contibution to the development of financial reform projects of the Serbian transition governments since 2001. The agenda included sucessfull initial restructuring of Serbian banking sector, followed by regulatory improvements in financial legislation, privatization stragegy development and numerous banking and insurance companies privatization and restructurings, with the National Bank of Serbia, Ministry of Finance and Bank Rehabilitation Agency. He is also responsible for a number of complex ongoing privatization transactions within the framework of the Ministry of finance and other relevant Serbian insititutions.

Mr Cvetkovic is a graduate of finance and accounting from the Belgrade University and holds an M.A. degree in Auditing. His professional experience includes auditing and financial advisory services with Deloitte CEE and EKI Investment, private equity advisory based in Belgrade.

Mr Cvetkovic is the Chairman of the Spervisory Board of the largest serbian bank Komercijalna and a member of the National Accounting Comission.





Consultation time:

Thursday 08-10
Monday 17-19




Auditing theory
Comparative accounting

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