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BOZIC Vladan, PhD, Full Professor

Vladan Božić, PhD, was born on August 7, 1950 in Bajina Bašta, where he finished elementary and secondary school. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 1971, got the MSc degree in 1976, and finally the PhD degree in 1982.

His University career started with his election to the post of assistant trainee in 1973, in order to become full professor in 1995. He teaches Transport Economics and Marketing Logistics (undergraduate studies) and Transport policy and development, International Logistics and Supply chain management (graduate studies). He has been dealing with the issues of distribution and logistics for more than 35 years.

He was the first student vice-dean of the Belgrade University. As a professor of the Faculty of Economics he was elected for the position of vice-dean in charge of science, and also twice for the position of the director of the Scientific-research center of the Faculty (NICEF).

Professor Božić has published a great deal of scientific papers: 16 university course books, 2 monographs, 37 articles and 22 reports in scientific reunions. He has participated in around 250 research projects, of which he was in charge of about 150.

Important newer course books:
Marketing Logistics, coauthor with S. Aćimović, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2014.
Transport economics, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2011.
Business Logistics, coauthor with S. Acimović, S. Rakić, VIPOS, Valjevo, 2009.





Consultation time:

Thursday 12-14




Transport economics
Marketing logistics
Supply chain management

International logistics and distribution management

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