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BOSKOVIC Olgica, PhD, Assistant Professor

E-mail: olga@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu

Born in Vrnjacka Banja, on 4 January 1966 , where she finished primary and secondary school. She enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in 1984, and graduated in 1988, Department of Economic statistics and cybernetics, module Cybernetics. She enrolled for the postgraduate studies the Master course – Informational systems 2 tests- in 1988/89. She defended the Master's thesis in 1992 and got a Master of Statistical sciences degree. She defended the Doctor's thesis “Classical and alternative methods of marking and testing in tables of contingency” in 2000 and thus got the degree of a Doctor of Statistical sciences.

Previous positions: Assistant lecturer trainee since 1989 on the subject Elements of Statistical Analysis. Promoted into the Assistant lecturer in 1993 on the same subject in 1993 and in 2001 she became a Assistant Professor .

Teaching commitments: Engaged on the subject of Elements of Statistical analysis on the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade . During 1990 engaged in teaching from the subject of Statistics in the 5th Economic school In Belgrade. Apart from the main Faculty, she also taught at the Military-Technical Academy (1996/2003), The Faculty of Geography (1999/2000 and 2003/2005), the Department of The Faculty of Economics in Vrnjacka Banja (1999/2001), Business College in Novi Sad (2003).

Other professional activities: Assessment of value of the social capital (member of the team) in: Zorka, Sabac, Jugolaboratorija Belgrade, Vino Zupa Aleksandrovac, Brewery of Valjevo, Mesokombinat Leskovac, Zitopromet Nis, Tehnopromet Belgrade, Trgopromet Leskovac, Autotehna Belgrade, Zele Veljkovic Leskovac, Sumadija promet Topola, Brodoimpex Belgrade, 29. novembar Subotica, Izolma Raca, Borac Petrovac on Mlava, Aska Kula, Dragan Srnic Sabac, Trznica Subotica, Mokrin Mokrin, Celik Veliko Gradiste, ZGP-GP Belgrade, Banat Vrsac.

Projects: “Social- economic justification of forming the Municipality of Kostolac ”, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2002
“Economic price of education” (the project financed by the Ministry of Education and Sport) the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2002 “Educative programme of support to municipalities of South Serbia ”, Halifax Consulting, UNDP, 2002. The consultation was held on Goc from 19-23 September, 2002
“Market analysis of justification of building a hypermarket on the target micro location” the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2002-2003 “Development and application of quantitative models and new informational technologies in business decision making in transitional conditions of economic development” the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2002/2003
“Effects of privatisation in Serbia: Competitiveness of enterprises, business performances and corporative managing” the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2002/2003
“Construction of Annex 1 of individual collective contract JZTP” the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2004
“Employment Support Programme at the Republic of Serbia ” EuropeAid/117679/D/SV/YU, Belgrade, 2004-2006



1. “A survey on technical-economical justification of forming enterprises for performing subsidiary and following activities within JP “Povrsinski kopovi” and JP “Kostolac” the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2002-2003
2. “BAMP – A study of feasibility-justification of realization of project of gasification SO Bijeljina” the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2003
3. “Evaluation of macro-economic effects of the programme of food vouchers in Serbia ”, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Belgrade 2003
4. “Analysis of the market of SO Grocka in function of improvement of water supplying” Belgrade, 2003
5. “Market position of Energy PET in the period 2004-2007”, Belgrade , 2003


“The concept of interactions in log-linear models”, 28th Yugoslav Symposium for operational researches, Belgrade , Collection of works, 2002
“ Privatisation – condition of transition: Views of managers on privatisation depending on the ownership status of enterprises”, Economic annals, a thematic issue, April 2003
“Coefficient of contingency – statistical importance of received results” 30th Yugoslav Symposium for operational researches, Herceg Novi, 2003.

Other publications:

1. Doctor's thesis – “Analysis of tables of contingency, classic and alternative models of marking and testing” Belgrade, 2000
Entries for the “Economic dictionary”, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2001
“Methods of statistical analysis” Examination practice book with a key by Olgica Boskovic, Radmila Dragutinovic, Dubravka Pavlic and Miodrag Lovric, the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2003





Consultation time:

Tuesday 12-14




Basics of statistical analysis
Economic statistics
Demographic analysis

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