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BORICIC Branislav, PhD, Full Professor

e-mail: boricic@ekof.bg.ac.rs

Born in Ivangrad (Berane), on 12 th May 1955 where he finished elementary and high school. Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in 1977 on the Mathematics course. Got the MSc degree in 1980, and PhD degree in 1984.

Previous positions:

•  Professor of mathematics at Belgrade High School of Mathematics (1978-1979)

•  Teaching assistant trainee and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (1979-1984)

•  Assistant Professor (1984-1990)

•  Associate Professor (1990-1995).

Present position: Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade since 1995.

Teaching commitments: Algebra, linear algebra, analysis, mathematical logic, set theory, systems theory (undergraduate studies). Systems theory, functional analysis, methodology of scientific research, mathematical logic, basics of mathematics, theory of algorithms, automatic theorem proving and artificial intelligence (postgraduate studies)

Research interests: Mathematical logic (proof theory, non-classical logics, preference logic).

Professional improvement and advanced training: London (Imperial College, Chelsea College of Science and Technology in 1985), Iraklion (University of Crete, 1994-1996), Thessalonica (University of Macedonia in 1997), Patras (University of Patras in 1999).

Other professional activities: Member of Association for Symbolic Logic, member of the American Mathematical Society, member of the Balkan Logical Society, member of the Serbian Mathematical Society, member of the Greek Mathematical Society, Interest Group on Propositional and Predicate Logic. A regular reviewer-associate of the journal "Zentralblatt fur Mathematik" and "Mathematical Reviews" with over 200 reviews. Outside associate of The Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, actively takes part in the work of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of mathematical logic, and the Department of the history and philosophy of mathematics. Took part in many scientific and professional meetings in Yugoslavia and abroad. Author or co-author of many professional, methodological papers and teaching aids for teachers, students and secondary school pupils, and of monographs. Translates from Russian and Greek.


1. "A note on some intermediate propositional calculi", Journal of Symbolic Logic 49 (1984), (pp 329-333) (In Mathematical Reviews 86b:03026; Zentralblatt fur Mathematik 555:03013).
2. "On some subsystems of Dummett's LC", Zeitschrift fur mathematische Logik und Grunlagen der Mathematik 31 (1985) pp. 243-247 (MR 87c:03053; Zbl 598:03022).
3. "On sequence-conclusion natural deduction systems", Journal of Philosophical Logic 14 (1985) pp. 359-377 (MR 87e:03148; Zbl 572:03033).
4. "On certain normalisable natural deduction formulations of some propositional intermediate logic". Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 29 (1988), No. 4, pp 563-568 (MR 90a:03030, Zbl 668:03010).
5. "On some interpretations of classical logic", Zeitschrift fur amthematische Logik und Grunlagen der Mathematik 38 (1992) pp. 409-412 (MR 94k:03010, Zbl 794:03011).
6. "Elements of Systems Theory", (Serbocroatian) University of Belgrade , Belgrade , 1993, pp 222+ iv (MR 94e:93001; Zbl 789.93001).
7. "Logic and Proofs", (Greek) Ziti, Thessaloniki , 1995, pp 174+viii (MR 97c:03001; Zbl 838.03001)
8. "Validity measurement in some propositional calculi", Mathematical Logic Quarterly 43 (1997) pp. 550-558 (MR 98m:03050;Zbl 884.03018).
9. "On fuzzification of propositional logics". Fuzzy Sets and Systems 108 (1999), pp 91-98 (MR 2000d:03051).
10. The fist lecture on non-classical logics, The Teaching of Mathematics, Vol. 4, 2001, pp. 35-40.
11. The political economy of post-communist autocracy: the continuum between dictatorship and democracy, European Political Economy Review, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2004), pp. 36-50 (co-author with R. Pesic) http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/EPER/vol2/no1/pesic-boricic.htm





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Thursday 10-11
Friday 10-11




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