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BJELIC PREDRAG, PhD, Full Professor
e-mail: bjelic@ekof.bg.ac.rs

Curriculum Vitae

Predrag Bjelic was born on April the 3rd, 1974 . in Belgrade . He graduated from the Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade, Department of Foreign and Domestic Trade, with a GPA of 9,68 in 1996. For his accomplishments at graduate studies he has been awarded with several awards (including the student of the generation award). He is a Master of Economic Sciences (M.Sc. Econ.) and Master of Political Sciences (M.Sc. Int. Relations). He gained his Ph.D. in May 2003.

He is employed as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade where he teaches International Trade (graduate studies) and Electronic Commerce (postgraduate studies). His research interests are in field International Trade, especially International Trade Policy and World Trade Organization, European Union and International Political Economy. His previous employers were National Bank of Yugoslavia and Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade .

Dr Bjelic is the author of several books, chapters and over 70 articles for scientific and other journals. His academic visits include: London School of Economics, London , UK (2004, Visiting Fellow, Chevening Fellowship), Harvard University , Cambridge , USA (2005, Visiting Scholar, Fulbright Fellow), Faculty of Economics University of Oslo, Norway (2005, Visiting Scholar, RCN Fellowship). He attended many domestic and foreign scientific conferences and collaborated on many scientific projects done at the institutes in the country and abroad. Predrag Bjelic is a member of many domestic and international scientific associations (World Trade Organization academic co-operation, member of UNCTAD Virtual Institute, member of Economic Scientific Association (NDE), member of International Law Association of Serbia and Montenegro etc). He held lectures as a Visiting Professor at many domestic and international educational institutions and also works as a consultant for major domestic consulting firms.



1. Predrag Bjelic ”Elektronsko trgovanje” (Electronic Trading) Institut za medunarodnu politiku i privredu, Beograd , 2000.

2. Predrag Bjelic et. al. (co-author) ”Svetska privreda u informatickoj eri” (World Economy in Informatics Era) Institut za medunarodnu politiku i privredu, Beograd , 2002.

3. Predrag Bjelic ”Svetska trgovinska organizacija” (World Trade Organization) Prometej, Beograd , 2002.

4. Predrag Bjelic ”Ekonomika medunarodnih odnosa” (Economics of International Relations) Prometej Beograd, 2003.

5. Predrag Bjelic ”Necarinske barijere u medunarodnoj trgovini” (Non-tariff Barriers in International Trade) Prometej Beograd, 2004.

6. Predrag Bjelic ”Me dunarodna trgovina” (International Trade), Ekonomski fakultet, CID, Beograd , 2008.

External website: http://bg.academia.edu/PredragBjelic .






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