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BACKOVIC Marko, PhD, Full Professor

Marko Backovic was born in Niksic, in 1956, where he finished elementary and secondary school. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Titograd in 1979. In 1983, he got the MSc degree, and the PhD degree at Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 1992.

He started working as a teaching assistant trainee at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade in 1980. He was elected Assistant Professor in 1992, and associate professor in 1997.

He took an advance professional training course in London in 1985.

He teaches Economic and mathematical models and methods and Mathematical economics on undergraduate studies. He used to teach at the Department of the Faculty of Economics in Uzice. He is a teacher at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. Furthermore, he gives instruction within postgraduate studies in Mathematical economics on Econometrics course, in Management models on Information systems course, as well as in Software for operational research on Operational research course. He is also engaged in teaching within postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica.

Other professional activities: Member of the Association of Yugoslav Economists, member of the Yugoslav Society for Operational Research.

1. "Calculation of competitive balance by means of mathematical programming model", Ekonomski anali (Economic annals), No. 124, 1995 p.12.
2. "Project management by means of linear programming model", co-author, SYMOPIS '95, Donji Milanovac, 1995.
3. "Economic and mathematical models and methods in economics" (co-author), The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2004.
4. "Economic and mathematical models and methods in economics - practice book of solved problems" (co-author), The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2004.
5. "Algorithm for calculation of fixed point in the general economic balance model", SYMOPIS, 96, Zlatibor 1996.
6. The Proceedings of SYMOPIS '96 (editor), Zlatibor, 1996.
7. "A model of the general economic balance", monograph, The Faculty of Economics, 1998.





Consulting time:

Tuesday 10-12




Economic and mathematical methods and models
Operational research

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