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With about 8,000 students (or over 10 per cent of the total number of university students), the Faculty of Economics is one of the largest faculties within the University of Belgrade.  This fact already points to a very active social life of its students which takes places through their organizations, journals and the like. The student organizations operating within the Faculty are the Student Federation, Student Union, AIESEC, Sports Club, various working groups and a special form of work – the Marketing Workshop. Since 2006, there has been also the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Economics, which was constituted after the elections at which the students voted for their candidates from twenty or so lists of candidates.  

Over the past years, the Faculty has invested a considerable amount of money in the improvement of its teaching activities and students’ social life. Thus, the Faculty is the venue for various events, which take place in the evenings and are mostly humanitarian in character. There is also the Student Club, where students can meet, talk or refresh themselves when making a break during learning.

Our students also participate successfully in the so-called Economic and Managerial Games, knowledge and skill tournaments that bring together twenty or so faculties and advanced schools in the fields of economics or business economics. In this jubilee year of the Faculty, the students brought another great recognition to it: they won in the overall standings at the Economic Games in Kopaonik in May 2012.

The Student Federation of the Faculty of Economics


The Student Union of the Faculty of Economics


The AIESEC at the Faculty of Economics


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