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General information

In 2002, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law at Belgrade University established the Centre for public finance as a research institution, specialised for public finance area.

The Centre deals with the study of all segments of public economy, taxes, public expenses, fiscal policy, public debt, the role of the state in economy, etc. Except for economic research, it is specialised for rendering consulting and tax services to enterprises, as well as for education of civil servants from local to federal level, in the domain of financial programming, public accounting, fiscal reporting, optimisation of public expenses and cash management.

The Centre organises the following courses:

•  Advantages of new tax credit policy
•  Fiscal decentralisation, fiscal analysis, projections of public expenses and revenues and public finance management
•  Fiscal programming (a course for civil servants on various levels of authority, the present and future makers economic policy)

In order to popularise public finance and its role, the Centre intends to print these publications:

•  Tax guide for citizens
•  Tax guide for enterprises
•  Tax lexicon

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