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The Publishing Centre of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade (CID) is an organizational unit of this Faculty and a profit centre specializing in the publishing of textbooks and other professional literature in print or electronic form. The CID has been operating since 1991. Today its current annual production is over 80 titles.

Although it operates within the Faculty, the CID is among the major publishers in South Eastern Europe, specializing in the best quality works in the fields of theoretical economics, international economics, banking, management, marketing, organization, business finance, accounting, statistics, mathematics, informatics and the like. Therefore, the CID proudly exhibits its slogan: “treasury of economic knowledge“.

As a profit centre, the CID operates in the name and for account of the Faculty. The Centre is run by the Director who is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty from among the teaching staff. The organizational units of the Centre are the technical services section, the bookshop and the storage of printed publications and office supplies.

Among the CID’s most interesting undertakings is a special edition – Translations. This expanding edition includes the world-renowned textbooks, written by O. Blanchard, A. Giddens, N. G. Mankiw, H. S. Rosen, D. Salvatore, J. E. Stiglitz, H. R. Varian, D. L. Wilcox etc.

Dictionary of Economics should be also mentioned as a unique project in the region. The Dictionary has over 7,000 entries. It is published in two colours and in hardcover. In most cases, the entries are also given in English.
The CID is considered an indispensable support to the teaching and scientific process of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, as well as to the teaching, scientific, technological and business processes outside the Faculty, in the Republic of Serbia as well as in the region.

The International Book Fair, which takes place at the Belgrade Fairgrounds each October, provides an opportunity for its special promotional activities. The Faculty of Economics takes an active part in this event through its Publishing Centre. During the past decade, the Faculty of Economics also participated at the Frankfurt and Paris Book Fairs through the Publishers’ Association of Serbia and Montenegro.


Centre Manager: Djordje Kalicanin, PhD

Technical secretaries: Nadezda Stamatovic and Snezana Minic

•  Telephones:
+381-11-3021-045 – editorial offices
+381-11-3021-093 – bookshop

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