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Centre for Scientific Research of the Faculty of Economics (NICEF)

General information

The Centre for Scientific Research of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade (NICEF) was established in 1974. With more than 1,000 projects and studies completed so far, it is one of the most prominent institutions concerned with economic development and fundamental research in the country.

During the past decade, it carried out hundreds of projects, innovation and company courses, consulting activities, symposia and the like. Among its clients are Government and ministries, public and private enterprises that include: Železnice Srbije (Serbian Railways), NIS a.d. (Serbian Oil Industry), Novi Sad, Telekom Srbija a.d., Kostolac Open Pit Mines, Elektroprivreda Srbija (Electric Power Industry of Serbia), PD RB Kolubara d.o.o., Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade, etc.

The NICEF maintains intensive cooperation with the relevant republican institutions in the preparation of the projects being of utmost significance for our country: Economic Policy Measures, Exchange Rate Policy, SME Development Policy, Serbia’s Export Promotion Strategy, SME Development Programme, Economic Measurement of Comparative Advantages, Programme of Reforms in the Republic of Serbia, Development of the Financial Market in the Service of Serbia’s Transition and Economy, Trade Development Strategy and Policy of the Republic of Serbia, Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Restructuring of the National Bank of Serbia, etc.

Particularly important are the fundamental projects supported by the Ministry for Science. There are four current projects of that kind that gather almost entire teaching staff of the Faculty.

The manager of all NICEF activities is Professor Jelena Kocovic, PhD.


Professor Jelena Kocovic, PhD
Telephone: +381-11-30-21-167
E-mail: nicef@ekof.bg.ac.rs

Nevena Mutavdžić, BSC in economics
Telephone: 011-30-21-167
Mobile: 065-84-32-178
E-mail: nicef@ekof.bg.ac.rs i procena@ekof.bg.ac.rs


NICEF is divided into several constituent parts

•  Centre for capital evaluation and privatisation
Entrepreneurship centre
Organisation and leadership centre
Securities centre
Corporate finance centre
Centre for making and evaluation of investment programmes
Marketing centre
Public finance centre


Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
Kamenicka 6, 11000 Belgrade
phone (011) 3021 240; fax (011) 628-923
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