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Scientific Society of Economists in Serbia (NDES)

General information

The Scientific Society of Economists in Serbia (NDES) is a selective scientific association of economists, who are elected according to the procedure specified by its Statute. To become its members, economists must be engaged in scientific and educational work in higher education and research institutions, in Serbia and abroad.

Within the NDES acts the Academy of Economic Science (AEN) with a small and limited number of elected members. Currently it has 13 full members and 10 members.

The NDES has its premises in the Faculty, while the Faculty has become its major partner in various activities.

The main activities of the NDES are the organization of scientific meetings, fora, round tables, as well as the conferences devoted to topical issues. Each year, the NDES organizes three conferences jointly with the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, with participation of other economic faculties in the country. They are devoted to Serbian economic policy and to the transition and the EU accession issues, and bi-annually to global economy and business economics. So far, more than 50 books related to these meetings have been published.  

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