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The Library is one the pillars of scientific work and education at the Faculty of Economics.  It was established immediately after the founding of the Higher School of Economics and Commerce and until the beginning of the war its holdings included more than 8,000 books and other publications. After World War II, the Library’s holdings were increasing at a fast pace, so that as early as 1950 it had approximately 60,000 items. At the beginning of 2000, its holdings included more than 300,000 items. Since an increasing number of relevant literature can be obtained by electronic means and after an analysis of the Library Board, the Faculty gave almost 40,000 books and other publications to the University Library, while about 20,000 items were sent to other institutions, or were written off due to wear and tear. At the same time, for 12 years already (in some cases even longer), the Faculty has been subscribed to the most important databases. Thanks to the facilities of our Information Technology Centre, all these sources are accessible from all rooms, that is from almost all computers at the Faculty.

The Library is continuously supplemented by new titles, especially after the introduction of the practice that each teacher can order selected new literature to the amount of several hundred euros once a year. The Library is also subscribed to 20 domestic and 35 most important international journals. In the late 1990s, the documentation centre was computerized, so that all data on available literature are accessible online. The Library is also connected to the University and National Libraries by electronic means. Adjacent to the Library are three reading rooms with the seating capacity of about 200. 

The Library contains over 300 000 national and international books and magazines. It is completely computerized and enables electronic access to the most important bases of professional literature.

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