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Author Guidelines

Economic Annals is a scientific journal with an international outlook published quarterly by the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. It publishes research in all areas of economics and business administration, particularly for transition economies. The texts are written in Serbian and English language.

Contributions in an electronic form can be forwarded to anali@one.ekof.bg.ac.yu, and a paper version to the following address: Ekonomski anali, Ekonomski fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Kamenička 6, 11000 Beograd, Srbija (phone: ++(0)11 3021-033).

The texts should follow standard technical and stylistic criteria: they should be submitted in a Word A4 form, with all the tables, figures and footnotes as they are intended  to appear in the final version. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and numbered as superscripts.

The Editorial Board will forward the submitted articles to the relevant referees. The reviewing procedure requires that the original texts should not be signed by the author. Instead, a separate cover page should be provided,  containing only the title of the paper and the basic information about the author, followed by a page containing both in Serbian and in English: the title of the paper (not longer than 70 characters including spaces), an abstract of 100 words maximum (mathematical symbols excluded), up to 5 keywords, and the classification code in accordance with the classification published by Journal of Economic Literature (http://www.aeaweb.org/journal/jel_class_system.html). As a rule, the articles should be from 10 to 30 pages long (35,000 – 100,000 characters, spaces included). All pages, apart from the first one, should be numbered. Subtitles should be concise, clearly marked in bold and numbered.

Formulae should also be numbered and displayed on the right-hand side of the page. Tables and Figures must not be created using colour, they should take either half a page (250 characters) or a full page (500 characters). They should be clearly labelled and logically ordered, using arabic numerals. The Sources quoted in Footnotes should be listed by the authors’ last name, with the year of publication in parentheses, followed by the page number (e.g. Stiglitz and Charlton (2005), p. 23). The List of References should be included at the end of the text, the names of authors listed in an alphabetical order. If there are more than two authors, only the first author’s name should be quoted, with an indication of co-authorship (e.g. Goldstein et al.). The author’s last name is followed by the year of publication, the title of the article inside quotation marks, and the corresponding book or journal title should be written in italics. Finally,  the publisher’s name and  place of publication should be provided (e.g. Acocella, N. (2005), Economic Policy in the Age of Globalisation, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge).
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