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Faculty of Economics - Belgrade

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The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1937 as the Graduate School for Economy and Trade. Since then, the Faculty has grown into the most eminent scientific and educational institution in the field of economic sciences in our country. More than 1000 students are enrolled each year at the undergraduate studies. To the present, over 42000 students have graduated from the Faculty since its foundation, more than 2800 Magisterium / Master’s degrees have been issued and around 740 PhD dissertations have been defended. The teaching process is managed by 132 professors and associates, together with 25 foreign visiting professors. There are 76 members of administrative staff.


The Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade is a renowned academic institution dedicated to the education and research work in the field of economics. Its primary objective is to disseminate knowledge, develop scientific disciplines and provide future experts with the competence and skills required by the contemporary economic development and market economy. The Faculty provides outstanding education to future economists, economic analysts, managers, financial experts, auditors, economic policy creators, economic statisticians and researchers

Governance and Organization

The Faculty of Economics operates as an independent higher education institution within the University of Belgrade. Its founder is the Republic of Serbia. The main governing bodies of the Faculty are:

The Council is the Faculty governing body. It has 23 members, 15 of whom are the Faculty representatives, 4 are appointed by the Serbian Government and 4 are elected by the Student Parliament. Out of 15 Faculty representatives, two are elected from among the non-teaching staff.

The Dean is the executive body and the leading figure of the Faculty. The Dean is assisted by the 2-4 Vice-Deans. Apart from the Vice-Deans who are elected from among the teachers, one Vice-Dean is elected from among the students.

Academic-Scientific Council
The Academic Council (ASC) is the highest professional Faculty body. The ASC is comprised of all teachers and teaching assistants employed. Also it comprises representatives of the student parliament when discussing teaching issues. The ASC also makes decisions in a special composition as the Election Council in electing candidates for teaching positions (the composition depends on the type of elections).
In decision making the ASC rely on proposals prepared by its standing committees and chairs.

The standing committees of the ASC are:
•   Committee for Undergraduate Studies
•   Committee for Graduate Studies
•   Committee for PhD Studies
•   Committee for Development
•   Committee for Diploma Recognition
•   Committee for Finance
•   Disciplinary Committee
•   Committee for Quality Improvement
•   Committee for Self-evaluation
•   Committee for Students’ Survey (evaluation of teachers)

The Chairs are academic organisational units organized around one or more related scientific areas (that include related teaching subjects). Its members are the teachers and associates elected for the corresponding scientific area. The Faculty has the following chairs: 
•   Chair of Economic Theory and Analysis
•   Chair of Economic Policy and Development
•   Chair of International Economic Relations
•   Chair of Business Economics and Management
•   Chair of Accounting and Business Finance
•   Chair of Statistics and Mathematics

Apart from the Chairs representing academic units, the remaining organizational units of the Faculty are centres, and administrative and professional services.
Faculty Centres
•   Scientific Research Centre of the Faculty of Economics (NICEF)
•   Publishing Centre (CID)
•   Information Technology Centre (CIT)
•   Centre for International Cooperation
•   Career Advice Centre
•   Centre for Permanent Education
•   Marketing and Public Relations Centre
The centres Directors are appointed by the Dean

The administrative and professional services:
•   Office of General and Legal Affairs
•   Student Service
•   Library
•   Financial and Accounting Office
•   Technical Support

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
Kamenicka 6, 11000 Belgrade
phone (011) 3021 240; fax (011) 628-923
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