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General information

Entrepreneurship centre is one of the first consulting organisations specialised in development of entrepreneurship and small and middle enterprises in our country. The mission of the Centre is to promote and practically apply the entrepreneurship ideas and provide support in establishing and development to small and middle enterprises, through its programmes, projects and consulting services.

The users of Centre's services are: entrepreneurs, i.e. small and middle enterprises, government bodies and units of state establishment on various levels, as well as numerous professionals and scientist.


The Centre renders the following services, divided by main groups of activities:

•  Consulting services : making of business plans, improvement of business operations, organisation of companies and particular business functions (marketing, finance, accounting, etc.), introducing and commercialisation of new products, developing sales and distribution channels for a client, continual observation of market for concrete customers, introducing of information system, preparing and organising of business negotiations, investment projects, credit requests, etc.

•  Training : educational-instructive seminars and trainings for various types of users, creative workshops on specific issues;

•  Publishing and production activity : publishing practical and popular materials used for business operation improvement (guidebooks, brochures, software, etc.), creating of business identity and competitive profile (brand name, industrial and graphic design, promotion messages, slogans, videos, advertisements, scenarios, fair presentations), production (mediation in graphic, printing, film, electronic and video production and concept directing and control of selected producers);

•  Research of the sector of small and middle enterprises: reporting, developing of data bases on small and middle enterprises, analysis of effects of economy-system solutions on small and middle enterprises' sector, proposing the measures of economic policy, etc.

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