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Departments form the backbone of research and teaching work at the Faculty. There are six Departments at the Faculty of Economics:

Department for Economic Theory and Analysis
Head of the Department Prof. Sinisa Zaric PhD
Secretary Jelena Zarkovic Rakic MSc

Department for Economic Policy and Development
Head of the Department Prof. Biljana Jovanovic Gavrilovic PhD
Secretary Mirjana Gligoric

Department for International Economic Relations
Head of the Department Prof. Jelena Kozomara PhD
Secretary Ivana Popovic Petrovic MSc

Department for Business Economics and Management
Head of the Department Prof. Blagoje Paunovic PhD
Secretary Kuc Vukasin MSc

Department for Accounting and Business Finance
Head of the Department Prof. Radojko Lukic PhD
Secretary Dragana Draganac

Department for Statistics and Mathematics
Head of the Department Prof. Ljiljana Petrovic PhD
Secretary Jelena Stanojevic MSc

Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade
Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade
phone (011) 3021 240; fax (011) 2639 560
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