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In the mid-1990s, the development of the Electronic Computer Centre (ERC) assumed new dimensions. At the end of 1995, the Centre was completely renovated. It obtained new computers for its two new rooms intended for teaching activities as well as for all teachers’ rooms and services. Its computer equipment had the best features at that time: PC AT 486, colour monitors, keyboards and mice. The acquisition of screen projection equipment also improved teaching quality. Thus, the Centre became the nucleus of the information system of the Faculty of Economics.

Until the mid-1990s, the Faculty’s single local area network (LAN) was built, so that all teachers’ offices, services, centres and student organizations, as well as the lecture rooms and halls were networked. At the same time, the Faculty local area network was connected to the Computer Centre of Belgrade University (RCUB), as the hub for the national Academic Network. So, the Faculty became part of the Academic Network, the first Serbian network with access to the Internet.

In 1997, the Faculty obtained its Internet domain, while the Computer Centre installed the Faculty’s first Internet servers. The Centre’s capacity soon became insufficient to meet the increasing demands of the teachers and students for the use of the computer and network resources.

In 2001, the third computer room for students (Room C) was provided, including a complete floor network installation for 21 workstations and the last generation computers. The Centre also provided the new Internet services, such as the web and e-mail services for students. The new Faculty web presentation was also designed. In the period 2001-2003, the Faculty also acquired a number of video slide projectors, thus contributing to the improvement of teaching quality in the Centre and in the Faculty as a whole.  Since 2003, the Centre’s facilities have also been accessible to distance-learning students.
In 2004, the Centre obtained the fourth room, Room D, equipped with a complete floor network installation, 45 workstations and the last generation computers.

In 2005, the lecture rooms and halls were equipped with multimedia equipment. Twenty one lecture rooms were equipped with fixed desktop computers, as well as a special table and ceiling-mounted video slide projector, thus improving the quality of the teaching process to a significant extent.

At the end of 2006 and the beginning 2007, the premises for International Graduate Studies were provided, including the network with 50 connections, as well as a room with 15 computers for students. Modern equipment for the video-conference system (Polycom VSX 8000), with other accompanying audio-video equipment, was also purchased.

In 2006, the Electronic Computer Centre evolved into the Information Technology Centre (CIT). The new name was adopted due to the expansion of the Centre’s activities. Apart from its technical support to the modernization of the teaching process, the CIT is closely linked to the Faculty’s administrative and professional services and centres. It participates in maintaining diverse applicative software, administers and maintains the local area network, various on-line services of the Faculty, performs the servicing of the Faculty’s computer and networking equipment and the like. 


Rade Stankic, PhD, Director

Goran Petric, BSc Eng, technical director
E-mail: petricg@ekof.bg.ac.rs 
Office: 244 Telephone number: 30-21-016

Radomirovic Nenad Econ, web master
E-mail: troter@ekof.bg.ac.rs   
Office: 245
Telephone number: 30-21-116


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